Futures Positional Algorithm (FPA)

In this Trading System, we first decode the Technical Structure of the stock (as in the image above) in a higher time frame (Weekly & Daily) and then delve further into our preferred lower time frame (75 Min) for Execution.

The idea is to look for Low Risk / High Probability set-ups.

The accuracy rate of > 80%, a controlled Maximum Drawdown of 10-15% vs the Annual Net Profits in the range of 40-60% are some of the key performance metrics of this consolidated System.

The focus is deeply on Risk Management with Reward : Risk being at 1.5 – 2, having the initial maximum fixed stops at around 3-4% from Entry Price, whereas the Maximum Profit Targets being at 6-8%. The other Exit Strategy components active in real-time are Pattern Invalidations and Trailing Stop Methodology on the adverse side and Early Exits depending upon Volumes based Accumulation/Distribution, Standard Deviation Bands on the favorable side.

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